Dinner  -  On our yacht we present fine home style cooking,  typically a four course dinner.   The menu is published on our web site under Dinner Menu or you can request almost any personal menu in advance.

Join us for a private afternoon, or evening sunset cruise and dinner off the North Shore of Orcas Island.  Specializing in the scenic beauty of Matia, Sucia, and Patos Islands.  
Wander through the pictures on the website.  Some of the photos are what you will see from our boat.  These rock and sand formations were not shot with any fancy camera lens to bring them closer.  We are literally 20 feet away in some spots (deep water).

Captain  -  Our captain was born right in this area.  He has been up and down the coast between the Aleutian chain and San Francisco Bay, and has explored every nook and bay out there.  This dates back to childhood when his family fished lobster and mackerel in Nova Scotia.  He has fished commercially in Alaska off and on since the early 70s.  He is also quite the historian of this local area.   He also has a background in aviation, is a long time pilot, aircraft owner, and an FAA licensed civil aircraft inspector for 25 years.

This is a captain-owned vessel and business. There’s no big corporate pie to divide up.

We're having a blast out here! There's still a lot of scenery that hasn't been used up yet, so maybe you can help us out.
This is a common sight around Sucia Island.  It’s a North American Blunt Nose Iguana.  It’s a cross between a small manatee with legs and a large gentle lizard. They crawl out on the rocks to sun themselves in the afternoon.   I’ve only seen these around Sucia Island. 

In reality, this is only a piece of driftwood.  But it's part of what you might see if you become “disconnected,” which is hopefully why you are boating with us.  Let your mind go, you’re on vacation.  Ever see a face in a rock formation?

I’ve been living here since 1987, so I personally have been disconnected for quite a few years now.                        
We’ll show you lots of things.

Disconnect - take a day off...
    Unplug - you should be on vacation...
         Power down - spend the day in your slippers...
               Float around with us for an afternoon of mental health...                                                                                             ...All of the above   
We are a unique yacht charter service located on Orcas Island in the beautiful San Juan Archapelago in Washington State.  A typical cruise could  take you on a hiking, mountain bike, or kayak tour of Sucia Island State Park, followed by a sunset dinner in comfort aboard our boat Capricorn, in one of the prime wildlife viewing areas in the Northwest. 

Give us a call to discuss your adventure!

Capt. Robin 360-927-8216

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